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Our Book Club Goals and Who We Are

We are trying to pick books with strong heroines. We are trying to stay away from the best known books by certain authors to avoid reading what will be done in school. We are trying not to read the same author twice. We are exploring different places in this country and the world. We are talking about major historical events and everyday challenges: war, apartheid, gold rush, slavery, cancer, families, friendship, peer pressure. We try to explore different genre and themes. Historical fiction has led to the best discussions.

Our book club includes 8 mothers and 1 sixth, 7 seventh, and 1 eigth grade daughters. We started when the girls were in second grade. We meet once a month for about 2 hours. We try to do a project and eat a snack related to the book before each discussion. We always talk about the author. We try to pick a new word to use the following month. We keep journals that we share when we feel like it. We try to ask open-ended questions. There are no "right" answers.

For information about how to start your own book club visit our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

Please send comments or questions to club parent: Nancy Z.

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